ATM Electn 2010   W. Danny Honnoll ATM Cmdr - 2010-12

scvlogo202 My name is William Danny Honnoll. Most of you know me as Danny.  I have been a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans since 1980. My Membership number is #238 and I am a LIFE MEMBER.

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W. Danny Honnoll - Candidate for ATM Commander SCV

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Brothers of the SCV,

Our COMMON link - we all have the DNA of Southern Gentlemen who served their Nation (respective state) to defend the Constitution that their fathers and grandfathers fought for in the American Revolution.

As we stand with this bond we should always take the high ground when possible, but be willing to defend all that wore the Gray.  With most of us having Scottish and Irish heritage make us bull headed!  We do not need to compromise our beliefs but most of the time we can find common ground to keep the communication lines open. 

Confederate Heritage Record

My record on Heritage Defense in Arkansas speaks for itself. When the NAACP and a minority of state legislators vowed to remove any statutes related to the Confederacy, we fought back and defeated them. Robert E. Lee's Birthday is still a state holiday here and we celebrate Confederate Flag Day annually. In my home area of Craighead County, we have Confederate flags flying daily at the Southern Confederate Heritage Park with in two block of my house between the local McDonalds and KFC. Also we have place the SCV logo to the right of the main entrance of our Craighead County Courthouse. I have lead the charge at numerous Confederate Flags days at our states capitol in Little Rock.

I have served four years as Arkansas Division Commander. I have been a camp commander, adjutant and brigade officer. I have also served as the Arkansas Division Chief of Staff and currently serve on the National SCV Relief Committee and Chair the SCV Awards Committee. I understand the fight. I have fought the fight. And together we will prevail against the harsh winds of revisionist history.

Finally, the proof is in accomplishment, not the promise. ALL members of the ATM/SCV will have a part in this administration. Good strategies and ideas come from all of us who believe in the Confederate Cause. The General Executive Council must make informed decisions based on good ideas. Together, we can and will make a difference

.Confederation: Independent But United
 I believe that political considerations can and will be set aside if we promote the concepts fought for by our Confederate ancestors; states rights, local autonomy and a vigorous national heritage offense.

Your SCV

The ATM is growing at a fast rate. We are the new frontier of the SCV. I know we do not have the battlefields of old but there are new battlefields for us to protect like our veterans honor, names, and burial grounds. Many of you have asked me to run for this position and now I ask you for you support in the very important endeavor as we as a unit moves toward the Sesquicentennial of the “War Between the States”.

Thank you for your support,

WDH Signed sml02

W. Danny Honnoll

Past Cmdr Arkansas Division  2002-06


Frequently Asked Questions:

We've done our best to create a Web site that anticipates and satisfies our ' needs. With that goal in mind, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact us at 870-926-2985 or

1. Why do you want to be Commander of the ATM? The ATM  has had strong leadership over the past and I want to continue with programs that will build on the foundations of the previous ATM Commanders.  I have the experience and knowledge that I have gained over my entire life let alone my nearly 30 years in the SCV. I retired from Southwestern Bell Telephone after thirty years and now manage property for my family so I bring business knowledge was well as personnel experience. Lastly I would sign in blood my commitment to honor our Confederate Ancestors and up hold the Stephan D. Lee Charge!

2. Where do you think that the SCV needs the most improvements?   Membership retention and Education. We have numerous paper hangers that join an drop after the first year of membership.  It is a proven fact that all other organizations has retention problems from the Rotary Club, The American Legion, Lions Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, etc.......  After an individual joins an organization the average membership tenure is three years.   I have personally signed up more than 100 members over the years in the SCV.  I always carry a SCV membership application in my vehicle and briefcase.  We need to make sure when we gain a new member that we give them some responsibility, job or office to let them know that we need them.  Above all make sure they feel welcome in the fold and bounds of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  WE need high  numbers in our membership when we are trying to win a Heritage Defense issue!!

4. Recruiting – how can we grow and particularly how do we attract young people? A couple of quick ways is every SCV recruit one member a year. a. Even if half of our members do this we would grow by 15,000 members. b. Another way is get with the UDC and recruit their husbands, sons, fathers, uncles etc......  c. As far as getting a younger group to join the SCV part of this will be taken care of with the UDC project another is to set up at local libraries where students go to study and have a genealogical work shop for anyone interested in the family history with a focus on the “War Between the States” period.

5. What about Education – both in terms of educating our membership and families first and the general public second? With the Sesquicentennial coming up next year we have a golden opportunity to educate everyone. Sure there will be some negative issues to discuss but if we can get the attention of the public and have a form on the “War Between the States”.   We can magnify the best of the SCV and our ancestors that wore the gray!  Eighty percent of the public does not care about history that leaves us twenty percent. Of the twenty percent only ten percent cares about the “War Between the States”!  And even some of that group will not even listen of our ancestors side of the period between 1861-1878 (War thru reconstruction period).

6. Expansion of camps? The best way of this is when you are at a living history or reenactment recruit members from the area and then find a few good men that are willing to take charge of a camp then educate them on the ways of the SCV.  Make sure keep contact with this group to make sure as they gain members that they give the new members responsibilities to keep their interest high in the SCV. Local festivals and fairs is a couple other ways to do this. If we educate our current officers and these camp officers the SCV will be stronger than ever!

7. How can ATM and General HQ help camps with activities? Right now I do not think that most members go to the GHQ website ( for support. If our officers and members would just research what is already available you would not believe how much stronger the SCV would get in a short time. It is hard for GHQ or even the ATM to help individual camps but the division at meeting can share activities that work to get younger members, educate the public, retain members and heritage defense. This has worked very good in Arkansas.

8. What about Heritage Defense? This is right behind membership and very important to all of us. Gen. Stephan D. Lee gave us the charge and we need to fill the gaps in the line to show we all will stand when someone or organizations attacks our Confederate ancestors or their heritage!  I have said in the past, “You can shout loud enough for someone’s attention but they do not have to listen to what you are saying!”. This only happens when you exchange information and be in control and aware of where you are and why you are there. The sesquicentennial will bring attack on us, our ancestors and their flag!  The Education issue comes in here in that we all need to be informed on what to respond to in the publics and medias questions.  We all need to visit the SCV website: to keep abreast of what is happening across the SCV.


If you have a question not listed above please contact me at 870-926-2985 or


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